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In May 2011 publishes with great success their second book in the greek language. A text of Julius Evola first published in italian, in 1951 widely known as Orientamenti (Orientations). Maybe, never before a text appeared to be so small on the one side, but so comprehensive in its meanings on the other.

And if Plato had to write the Laws as a base where we should step in order to found the ideal aristocratic State, Evola comes to give directions at the time where Europe has just come out, devastated from World War II.

In a world of ruins, Evola will give his own directions for the regeneration of the aristocratic ideal. Written in simple language, something unusual perhaps in relation to his other texts, Evola
is probably for the first time is as clear as possible. One (1), two (2) , three (3), four (4) .... And what if everything sounds that simple, and what if the Greek philosopher Pythagoras claims that ‘‘the beginning is half of everything’’ . How simple is for a human being to be evolved to into something superiorly unique?

A man who will be the cellular part of a broader breathing entity, a man who will act aristocratically, far away from political parties propagating points of a false political realism.

A fighting action of a different attitude,
an exemplary and aristocratically superior way of living, a silent revolution.

And what if in order to pass from the first (1) to the second (2) step, a thousand (1000) years is required? We are already prepared to await a thousand years more. Orientamenti has been rightly classified as a great text. And if the soviet communism and the Berlin’s wall just required a single day to collapse, once democracy and liber
alism have collapsed as well, together with all their derivatives, once the sun rises bright again, then this text might be described  prophetic, as well as sacred. ‘‘We anticipate’’, some people will exclaim.

From our side, we are just aware: Done is what was to be done!

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