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The construction of the current webpage, as can somebody realise from its address, is dedicated in the work and the ideas of the Italian philosopher Julius Evola, aiming at the foundation in the greek language of the auctorial heritage that he left behind.

At the same it aims in the constitution on an Inner Spiritual Cycle of communication for further discussion on subjects that the writer deals with in his writing anthology allowing on the meantime the possible interaction of this cycle with efforts of similar interest and orientation outside Greece.

‘‘......... What I am about to say does not concern the ordinary man of our day. On the contrary, I have in mind the man who finds himself involved in today’s world, even at its most problematic and paroxysmal points; yet he does not belong inwardly to such a world, nor will he give in to it. He feels himself, is essence, as belonging to a different race from that of the overwhelming majority of his contemporaries. .........’’

Julius Evola – (1961) Ride the Tiger
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